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Placement Services

Find the associate or the practice that’s the perfect fit.

If you’re planning to add an associate

Your dental office has a personality all its own.  If you’re adding an associate, it’s important that you find a person who has the right temperament and the right skills to be a good match for you and your entire team. 

AMT Practice Transitions will help you identify and hire the right dentist for the job—the one who will help you grow your practice.

If you’re looking for a place to practice

It can be difficult to find a comfortable but challenging place to practice when you’re just starting out.  Because Anna M. Thompson knows the dentists in the Southwestern and Midwestern U.S., she can help you find the right dental office, a place where you can establish yourself financially and professionally while enhancing your skills.

  Building A Bridge From
Practice You Have
To The Practice You Want.

"Anna Thompson has been a tremendous value to me and my practice over the years. She takes pride and ownership in everything she does for me and has helped me to avoid costly mistakes that I would have made without her guidance. She stands behind her work and has helped me to partner with the right people to help me grow my business. In fact, I am opening a 10,000 square foot state of the art facility in an upscale part of town due in part to Anna's guidance and gentle prodding. She has helped me to gain the confidence and business sense needed to succeed in today's competitive dental marketplace."

~Barry Henbest, DDS

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Placement Services
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